Velvet turns 3

3_year_anniversary Today marks exactly 3 years since my first post on Velvet Toolbox. I can't believe how quickly time has passed!

If we're being completely honest with each other, never in a million years did I think that I would still be writing this blog, 3 years later (let alone 1 or 2!). I have never been much of a writer, but I'm proud of myself (taps self on back) for keeping at it, even if it meant spending upwards of 2-3 hours just to write a single post (my perfectionist nature at play). One thing is certain, I would have let things fizzle had it not been for you, my precious readers and followers. I am sincerely surprised and humbled each time an unsuspecting friend, acquaintance or stranger tells me how much they love my blog. So this one's for you, readers. Cheers!

My goal for the next year? To up the ante: post on a more regular basis and build up my presence in social media spaces. It will be challenging to say the least, but I think it's time to take velvet to the next level.

Coming up this week: a post on my most recent travels in VEGASSSSSSSSSSSSS!