Viva Las Vegas

Welcome To Vegas Previously, my impression of Las Vegas could be boiled down to a few keywords: bright, tacky, extravagant, and wild. While I still believe these hold true, my recent trip to Vegas had me viewing the city in a whole new light.

My girlfriends and I had been planning a short getaway for some time and we landed on Vegas for a few reasons:

a) it's hot (enough) at this time of year b) it qualifies as a city that lies between the two coasts (one girlfriend lives in Cali) c) they have great restaurants (pretty much every trip we take tends to be based on how good the food is) d) see a) above

The three of us new(ish) moms were in desperate need of some R&R so, contrary to most sin city travelers, our primary goal was to SLEEP, eat, and relax by the pool. Gambling was pretty much the last thing on our minds.

That said, I couldn't help but snap photos of the eye-catching interior design details in some of the newer hotels while there. I did some research and learned that these hotels cost in the BILLIONS to build. Yes. I said BILLIONS. With building costs that high, it's no surprise that the level of detail is jaw-dropping. With such fierce competition within such a short distance, it felt as if each hotel was trying to outdo the other, trying to be the next big thing. Total sensory overload, in the best of possible ways.

We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which, although a relatively smaller hotel, did not disappoint in the least. The service was unparalleled, and the elegant interiors were a calming balance of contemporary and oriental design. Not having a casino made this place our little sanctuary amidst all the craziness.

We were greeted by an impressive lobby as soon as the elevator doors opened on the 23rd floor: MandarinOriental Lobby

Pretty sculpture sitting behind the registration desk: Hotel Sculpture

A lovely lounge alongside the lobby: MandarinOriental Lounge

With tasteful details like this circular brass side table: Brass Glass Side Table

Even the carpet in the rooms was on trend (and lord knows how ugly hotel room carpets tend to be): Carpet Detail

As luck would have it, we were upgraded to a premium room, with a bathroom that in and of itself provided a spa-like oasis: Mandarin_Oriental Bath


We visited lots of resorts on the strip, but a few stood out for me in particular.

Cascading water wall, @ the Aria resort: Cascading Water

The Cosmopolitan Hotel was by far the most inspiring.

My phone takes crappy pics, but the lobby had these uber cool columns displaying artful digital snippets:


Pink Camo Lounge by the pool area: ComopolitanHotel_Pool Lounge

Can you say chandelier? Chandelier

Beautiful textured walls: Textured Walls

I love the continuous band of black and gold geometrics; it draws the eyes from the floor to the back wall to the ceiling: Wall & Ceiling Detail

Unfortunately this photo doesn't do justice to the 3D artwork displayed in one of the hallways: Hotel Art

Imagine this credenza in your front entry - so glamorous! Hotel Furniture

We also visited some of the "older" hotels on the strip, like the Venetian. For the most part, I didn't feel much for the design, but there were a few classic details that naturally caught my eye, like this navy and white bistro chair at Bouchon:

Bouchon Bistro Chair

And the brass details in one of the restrooms: Restroom Detail

And this stunning floor: Floor Detail

This hallway ain't bad either: Floor Detail Large Hallway

I wish I had more time to explore more and get inspired, but the pool lounge chair and king size bed were chanting my name over and over again, competing for my attention. All in all, this was the perfect little getaway and I can't wait to do it again next year in a different city!

Shameless selfie: Selfie