If you can't buy it, make it

In our 2.5 years living in this house, we have not put up a single piece of artwork on the walls. I guess you can say we've been busy with, oh, say, renovating an entire house. But it's been killing me inside, one lonely wall at a time. IMO, a home doesn't feel like a home until there's art on its walls. But the problem is... a) I can't afford what I like ("Everything you touch turns to gold", Adam says) and b) I have trouble pulling the trigger on the more economical options.

So instead, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. Starting with 2 walls in the dark and stormy dining room. Nothing to lose, right?

First step - learn the basics. Cue talented and unbelievably patient sister in law, Ashley. We spent an afternoon together shopping for supplies and learning how to mix acrylic paints. Following Ashley's advice, I started with small paintings on paper just to get comfortable with colors, brush strokes and textures.

Here are the first few practice runs: Over the hill

Floral sunshine


Once I felt comfortable enough, I worked my way up to a small canvas:

Bearded Ginger

And finally, after much hesitation, I said - what the hell, let's go big. So I worked on the momma canvas.


It's not exactly what I had planned out in my head, but I think it looks quite sharp against the navy walls. I know this is not everyone's taste (hubby and dad don't care for it) but art is subjective and I guess what matters is that I like it...right? And the best part is, if I ever tire of it, all I need to do is paint right over it ;)

For the second large painting in the dining room, I went with a strikingly simple design in navy blue.

Blue web

I had so much fun during this process that I've decided to continue painting and fill up more walls. I promised Adam I would take a break from pastels for a while, though (boo).

Would love to hear about any DIY art projects that you have done in the past or hope to do down the road!