Whenever I walk into my living room, I look at my wingback chair, remember that it needs to be re-upholstered, shake my head and then continue on my merry way. Not ready for this yet, my brain tells me. In fact, I've been shying from all sewing/fabric projects for some time now. I guess because I want to do a professional looking job and I'm afraid to mess it up. But procrastinate no more. I've run out of things to babyproof around the house (my excuse for not starting these projects) and it's time to just hunker down and get past my fear of failure.

To get myself pumped, I bought a few new books to guide me along the way.

First, a book on the basics of sewing.  I know how to thread a machine, wind a bobbin, and sew a sorta straight line.  That's it.  I think if I want to do more sewing related projects, I really need to improve my skills first.  The book teaches basic techniques by walking you through multiple projects of increasing complexity.  Each project builds on skills learned in a prior project, so the idea is that you start from page one and work your way through the book.


Sewing 101, Revised and Updated


The next book is all about understanding fabric; a glossary of sorts that provides each fabric's characteristics as well as tips on how to work with each.

More Fabric Savvy


And last but certainly not least, a beautifully illustrated step by step guide to upholstering furniture.  There's an entire chapter dedicated specifically to wing back chairs, so my hope is that with improved sewing skills, this book and youtube tutorials, I'll be able to make this happen.  Here's to hoping.

Spruce Upholstery