Bare Legged

If you recall a few months back, I scored the deal of the year and bought these 2 channel back chairs for peanuts. Channel Back Chair - Before

Channel Back Chair Back - Before

I've decided to stick with the dusty rose velour and just make a few small updates to freshen them up. First up, I need to do something about those legs. They look pretty dinged up and I don't love the color of the stain (I actually think it was stained, painted then varnished...).

Channel Back Chair Leg - Before

Channel Back Chair Leg - Before 2

Strip it. Strip it Real Good.

Before doing anything, I need to remove the original varnish and stain. I laid out a plastic tarp on the garage floor and used some tape to protect the fabric near the legs (probably useless since a stripper has strong chemicals that could possibly eat through the tape, but oh well - ignorance is bliss).

Protect Chair Fabric

I then applied a couple of coats of furniture stripper to each leg (the idea is to keep the area saturated with the stripper so that it loosens up the finish) and waited. Furniture Stripper

As you can see here, after a few minutes the finish starts to loosen and it can be scraped off. Stripping the varnish

The stripper managed to get the varnish off but there was still a lot of stain remaining: Varnish removed

So, I changed tack and bought a small hand sander (best $20 ever spent) and used 80 grit paper to get the stain off. Once the stain was removed, I used a finer sandpaper (I think it was around 240 grit) to smooth out the surfaces.

Here's a peak at the chairs, post-sanding. I quite like the light colored wood in contrast to the fabric, so I'll probably apply a very light stain next. Chair Legs Sanding complete

Chair Legs Sanding complete 2

Coming up: new stain + varnish, and using a dip dye technique for the leg tips!