I tawt I taw a pwetty twee

Our wedding in 2010 was host to an abundance of DIY decor.  Our color scheme was yellow, gray and white and the overall theme was based on lovebirds. As luck would have it, I went shopping at Homesense and found a small tree with 2 birds perched on the branches. I sprayed the tree white, painted the birds yellow, and voila - I had an official mascott for the wedding. Wedding 2010 Credit: Monique Simone Photography

Following the awesome wedding, I kept the tree as a memento and used it as a jewellery holder in our bedroom. But the white and yellow color quickly lost its appeal. And by quickly, I mean nearly 4 years later (obvously!) :)

Bird on Wire Before Paint

Hello Gold Spraypaint. This is probably the easiest DIY you can do to rejuvenate an existing item in your home. I put on a mask and gloves and sprayed several light coats of spraypaint all over the tree and birds. It took a good 5 coats to make sure I covered every branch from every angle, but you're lookin at a combined effort of maybe 3 minutes.

Gold Jewellery Holder

Gold Jewellery Holder Top View

It's so pretty on its own, but I really need a place to hang all my necklaces. Fancy shmancy, right?

Gold Jewellery Holder 2

Gold Jewellery Holder 3

Gold Jewellery Holder 4