What the Deck?

So... I know I said I would stop procrastinating and instead tackle a bunch of sewing projects next, but summer is almost here and I promised Adam we would take it easy on all the home stuff for a few months. We're hoping to dedicate at least one day a weekend to doing activities as a family - picnics, biking along the lachine canal, visiting parks, festivals, etc. To truly appreciate our backyard, though, we needed to do a little sprucing up (ok, this does qualify as home stuff but after that, I swear we're done).

Our deck was in need of a little TLC. See that greyish color? What I thought was an aged look is actually a combination of dirt and mildew. So THIS is what happens when you don't maintain wood. Also, a lot of the nails are protruding and the wood is cracked/splintering in some areas. Mold, rusty nails and splinters - -it doesn't get more baby proof than this.



While I'd love to redo the deck completely, it's just not in the cards right now so we went back and forth between a few options on how to improve it:

1. replace only the decking with either new cedar, pressure treated wood or composite decking. 2. paint the deck with Behr Premium Deckover - this treatment fills in and seals all cracks and leaves an almost concrete-like texture to the deck. 3. use a pressure washer to give the deck a thorough cleaning and reseal the wood.

There are pros and cons to each option. With option 1, adding new decking would eliminate all of the current problems, but is the most expensive and time consuming option.  Option 2 come with a moderate price tag, but would also require a heavy cleaning to get rid of the mold before painting.  Option 3 was the quickest and cheapest option, but only resolves the mold issue.

In the end, we went with option 3.  We felt that it was the quickest way to make the deck liveable and would  extend the life of the deck a little bit longer - basically, until we're ready to do a proper redesign and overhaul.

It took a few hours for Adam to apply the deck wash product and pressure wash the entire deck, then another 30 min to apply the wood sealer. All in all, a pretty small effort for a substantial result:



As you can see below, the deck now actually coordinates with the color of our fence.Deck_After5




I don't know about you, but I get INTENSE satisfaction from watching something really dirty get cleaned. I swear to you - I was in the house, standing by the patio door, watching Adam clean the deck and grinning from ear to ear. I'm such a creep.

But looooook! How can you NOT get excited when you see this??? Pressure Wash 1

Pressure Wash 2

Pressure Wash 3

Is it just me??