Summer Retreat in Maine

Road Trip Heya!

My sincere apologies for the minimal posting lately; I've been staying true to my word and enjoying the summer while it lasts. Last weekend, we took a 4-day roadtrip to Maine. I had been there once when I was young but was looking forward to experiencing it again with our little family.

We stayed mainly in Ogunquit but also visited Kennebunkport. Both towns have something special to offer; Ogunquit seems to have more things to do and is a great family destination, while Kennebunkport is beautiful (I still daydream about the beautiful homes I saw) and more quiet.

We walked around town, went a few times to the beach (no swimming; I may be Canadian but the cold is not my friend), ate a lot of lobster, and explored the less traveled roads in and around town. It was truly a perfect family getaway, and we're already talking about going back next year and renting a cottage by the beach!

I thought I'd share the highlights of our trip with you, including photos of some of the New England style homes that really caught my eye. Enjoy!

Adam Sienna 2

Sienna 2



Egg and I

Gas station



Lobster Pound

Ogunquit Beach


Grey House 2

Grey House 3

Grey House

Yellow House

Light GreyHouse

Little White House