Makeshift Craft Room

Remember my fancy spools of thread in the craft room? They've got neighbors now. It's amazing what a few hours of organizing can do.

What it looked like before:

Spare Room, Before

Spare Room, Before 2

what it looks like now: Temp Craft Room, After

Temp Craft Room Storage

It's by no means what I consider a pretty craft room, but it'll definitely do for now. I basically reused some old plastic bins that I had lying around, and picked up some smaller containers from the dollar store. For the table, I took a plastic folding table that we had in the basement.

I couldn't help but add a little velvet touch to a few items:

Using glue dots, I affixed some decorative ribbon around each jar to create a unified look: Plastic Jars with supplies

On the bottom shelf, I also added a paper garland that I had initially made for Sienna's room but never used (I'll write a separate post about this easy DIY): Colorful Spools with Garland