A tale of 2 chairs

Remember these? Channel Back Chair - Before

If you recall, I was planning on making some minor improvements to give them an updated look.  I first started off by stripping the paint and stain off the chair legs. Easy peasy.

Once the legs were sanded down to bare wood, I moved on to the task of staining them a light wood tone.

The frustration began here.  It went a little something like this:

  • Apply two coats of a white bleached looking stain
  • Thoroughly unimpressed with the result.  Looks like I haven't done anything.
  • Re-sand the legs to bare wood. Swear a couple of  times
  • Pick and apply a different color stain.
  • Again no difference. Take a week to cool off and regain motivation.
  • Re-sand the legs.  Mutter nasty words under my breath.
  • Apply a third type of stain.
  • 3 coats later, I still don't love it. #@)%*$%^#%)!!!!!
  • Too bad, I'm not doing this again.

That was the staining saga.  Next came the dip dye  drama.  I wanted to paint the tips of the legs a different color, so I chose white (not really a color, but whatever - you get the point):

  • Attempt #1.  Protect the chairs with garbage bags.  Measure 3 inches from the bottom of each leg and apply Frog Tape above the 3" mark.
  • Spray paint the tips white.
  • Remove all the plastic and painter's tape.
  • Step back to look at the end result. Shudder.  Think, "these chairs look like they're wearing ugly white socks".
  • Take 3 weeks to cool off.
  • Husband yells at me for taking up too much space in the garage.
  • Regain motivation to finish the job.
  • Recover the chairs and re-tape the legs. Swear a lot.
  • Spray paint the tips gold (shocker).
  • Remove all the plastic and painter's tape.
  • Step back to look at the end result.  Eyes closed, afraid to open them and not like the result once again.  Force myself to look.
  • Think, hey, this isn't so bad. I think I can live with this.

Rough, so rough.  This just goes to show that not every DIY is easy.  Sometimes, the idea in your head looks a lot better than the execution.

The last improvement I made was to add more batting to the seat cushions.  They were sagging in the middle and needed a little pick me up.  Thankfully, this part went smoothly.  The swear jar didn't win this round - take that!

So this is the end result:

gold dip dyed chairs

Gold dip dye detail