Curtain Rod DIY

If any of you are on a gold accents kick like me, you probably know how pricey accessories can get (and that they're not as easy to find). So, when it came time to dressing up the dining room window, I opted for the DIY route. Dining Room Window

I purchased these curtains from West Elm:

Ironwork Flocked Curtain, West Elm

For the curtain rod, I decided to make one using plumbing supplies from the hardware store and spray them in gold.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 X 1/2 inch galvanized steel pipe (length should at least cover the span of the window and casing)
  • 2 X 1/2 inch elbow fittings
  • 2 X 1/2 inch flanges
  • Primer for covering metal surfaces (I used Zinsser Bullseye Primer-Sealer)
  • Gold Spray Paint


  • Sexy man who can weld and cut stuff (you'll have to find your own, though. This one's not available for rent)
  • Welder

I already had the spray paint and primer, so in total I spent about $20 in supplies.


Gold Spray Paint

The first step involved Adam cutting the pipe to size and 2 smaller pieces that would connect the flanges to the elbow fittings.  Because we used pipe that wasn't threaded, we had to weld the small pieces to the flanges.

Adam also had to drill teeny holes into the elbow fittings in order to put in set screws.  These set screws allow to fasten the rod to the elbows once the curtains have been placed on.  So sorry, but I didn't take photos of these steps - apparently the garage is off limits when a certain sexy man is at work.

After the pieces were cut and prepped, I primed all of the pieces. Adam set up a nice contraption to access all sides when painting.

Painting Setup

Painting Setup 2

2 important tips here: first, make sure you use a primer that is designed to cover metal.  Second, don't skip the primer, otherwise the paint will not properly adhere to the metal and will easy chip/flake.


Primed Rod 2

Primed Rod

After letting the primer dry for a week, I applied the spray paint. This is what it looks like after 1 coat:

Gold Rod

Gold Rod Parts

I'll give it a couple more coats and possibly apply some sort of sealer before installing it on the wall. Check in next weekend for an update! (it takes about a week or so for the paint to cure)