Guest Room / Office Makeover Moodboard

On my long list of personal projects is to convert one of our spare bedrooms into a dual-functioning space: an office and a guest room.

Our spare bedroom had not been touched since we moved in - it's still got the same dark and gloomy red paint color whose existence I had conditioned my brain to ignore... until now.

My vision for this room has been stewing for quite some time, and after some space planning and design research, I am really excited to share it with you.

Bare with me for a second here. In my 30+(++) years of existence, I have only known long, harsh winters, and a brief respite from the cold via one-week getaways down south and the short-lived joke we call summer here in Canad-eh. I (too) often dream of living in a warm place like California one day, but for now I must settle on a taste of Cali in my humble abode.  To encourage creative thinking and happy vibes, I dreamed up a Palm Springs Office Escape theme for this space.

My color scheme of choice: blush pink, green, white, and grey, with copper accents.  I've been seeing a lot of rose gold and copper everywhere lately, so I'm pretty stoked about using it on this project.  And it works beautifully with pink.


The whole office area will be a combination of DIY and IKEA pieces.  White walls all around, a pink ceiling, a comfy pink and grey shag rug underfoot, a DIY copper and pink pendant, palm springs-inspired prints, plants, and pillows, and a sofa-bed to make our guests' stay as comfortable as possible. I can't wait to get started on this project!!



The transformation will undoubtedly take a few months to complete, thanks to life getting in the way and all, but I will be sure to keep you looped in as the project progresses.