Vegas Baby, Yeahhh!

Howdy! Adam attended a conference in Vegas last week and Sienna and I were lucky enough to tag along and make a little vacation out of it.  It was my third time visiting sin city - the first time, I met up with my parents while I was living in NY. The second, with my 2 girlfriends for a much needed reunion.  This time, with family.  Each visit brought on a new perspective of Vegas.  

I was hesitant at first to bring Sienna to such an adult-geared city, but after some research I found that there were enough activities to keep us busy during the day while Adam was conferencing.

Over 6 days, we:

  • went on the High Roller ferris wheel and stood a whopping 550 ft above ground to witness all of Vegas and the neighboring mountains
  • visited Sigfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
  • watched the Bellagio fountains...3 times
  • went to the arcade at New York New York hotel
  • walked across Hoover Dam and stepped foot into Arizona for 2 minutes
  • visited Red Rock Canyon
  • checked out Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium
  • ate WAY too much food 

I snapped LOTS of pics and will share the highlights, in 3 parts.

Family fun:

So many things to see!  I'd like to also point out some awesome doors that I came across at the Hoover Dam (I kinda have this thing for cool doors).  Gotta love the Art Deco architectural elements!

My favorite hotels to visit were the Cosmopolitan (where we stayed) and the Delano.  Here are some of the interiors that inspired me:

I had to photograph this high-end shopping mall - it's so unique.

Last but not least, in the last couple of days of our trip, we rented a car so that we could explore outside the city a bit.  During one of the afternoons, I begged Adam to drive us around residential areas so that I could see what the homes look like.  Although the homes all look very similar, with the tile roofs and beige paint color, I kinda like the desert plant life and general sunny feel of it all!

Apologies if bits of the houses are missing, I made Adam do a drive by as I was snapping pics - I felt like such a stalker!

And now I leave you with a little cuteness to brighten up your day: