2016 in Review


I am VERY happy to report that this will be my last post of 2016.  Echoing the sentiment of many, 2016 kicked my butt and I am really looking forward to ushering a new and better year. In discussing my ill feelings towards this year, Adam brought a positive spin to the table, saying that having a bad year every once in a while makes us appreciate the good years all the more.  And... I can't truly say that it was all bad, definitely not.  It was a year of self-reflection and a few big life-changing decisions, and I believe that I will feel the benefits of these changes in the years to come.

In the velvet toolbox world, I made some exciting accomplishments:

Here are some interesting stats on the blog:

  • Over 11K page views since Feb
  • A readership size of 6600 over the last year
  • June was the most popular month, most likely due to the Powder Room reveal!
  • Over 58% of you are reading my blog from your phones :)

Anyhoo.  2016, it's been swell, but I am ready to say goodbye.  2017, I welcome you with open arms; I've got big plans for you and this time, I'll be kicking YOUR butt. So there.