Home Tours: Maya's Mid-Century Modern Pad

Last week's home tour was ever so popular among my loyal velvet toolbox readers (that's you!), so I've decided to turn this into a series that will feature on the blog moving forward.

This week, we get to visit Maya's swanky home.  Maya and I went to high school together many moons ago and I'm happy to say that we've kept in touch throughout the years. Back then, Maya had a great sense of style, and it looks like nothing has changed. Case in point: I recently visited her home and literally drooled (more than her dog) over the cohesive color scheme and mid-century modern furniture selection.  

As part of this series, I decided it best to have the home owner answer a few questions, for us to all understand the rationale and vision behind the design choices that were made. So without further ado, here's a tour of Maya's home, with her commentary.

When did you move in?

We've been here for just over 5 years. As working parents of 2 delicious and high energy boys, time is a precious commodity. We have so many home projects on the wish list for this place, which we've managed to chip away at bit by bit over time.

In just 2 words, describe your decorating style.

Mid-Century Minimal.

What inspiration did you draw from to decide on the color scheme?

I really appreciate the simplicity and clean lines of mid-century modern furniture, and I love color! We painted the house in neutral tones of gray and taupe, giving us a blank slate so we can have fun with the contents of each room.

Favorite room in the house and why?

For both design and vibe, my favorite room is the dining room. We entertain pretty often so it's used a lot. I love the retro sophistication of the chandelier contrasted against our playful chairs and mirrors. It's a room for eating, drinking and enjoying - no stuffy dinners here :)

Your most fabulous find.

We've collected a lot of great pieces over the years, but the best would have to be this vintage radio/record player that I found at a bazaar. I love the gold woven into the speaker paneling, and the fact that at first glance it just looks like a cool credenza. The best part is that the radio actually works!! 

The only problem is trying to explain to the boys that it doesn't take specific song requests. Ahh, kids today.

Describe your next home project.

Kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, artwork, playroom...where to begin?! The next project will be converting our 1980's ensuite into a modern master bathroom. We're ready to upgrade our black and gold time capsule for a fresh spa-like atmosphere. Grey and white, big floor tiles, a nice soaker tub and a double vanity.

A peaceful oasis to relax (or, ahem, hide) in ;)

Black and Gold time capsule? Normally, that would sound fabulous.  Care to share a photo of the 'Before', so that we can see what we're truly dealing with?

Sorry if I made it sound sexy in any way - I assure you it is not! See for yourself :-)

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Have you designed or decorated a room/house that you are proud of?  Post your best photo below in the comments for a chance to be featured on the blog!