Houston, we've got a problem...and a solution

Hi, it's me.  I've ignored you for too long.  So I'm back (again), and hopefully this time with more frequent content for your reading pleasure.

Houston, we've got a problem - but I know how to fix it. One of the things we've been missing in our house is an area to keep track of upcoming events, to dos, meal plans, and reminders.  A command center, so to speak.

This week, I set out to make a plan of the what, where and how.  

What we need:

  • a monthly calendar where we can track important dates
  • a magnetic board to put up things like Sienna's daycare meal plan, invitations to parties, etc.
  • an area to jot down to do lists for the week
  • a mini filing system for incoming mail, etc.
  • a spot to hold pens and markers for updating the boards
  • some hooks or clips to add random stuff


The command center needs to be a spot that is central and easily accessed on a daily basis.

The ideal spot would have been somewhere in the kitchen, but as you can see here, there is not a square inch of free space!  

Then I considered this wall in the entry way:

An empty wall whose design possibilities are limited by the light switches and thermostat and lovely doorbell (that retro brown box at the top!).  A great way to camouflage and de-emphasize the unsightly bits is to add a gallery wall!  So, wall, I hereby dub thee the Davis Family Command Center. 

I started out by visiting a few local stores for ideas.  Rather than figure out dimensions and placement while shopping, I bought a few options and brought them home to figure out what worked best.

I ended up choosing 2 magnetic dry erase boards over cork boards for safety reasons.  Push pins have a knack for making their way to the ground and we figured better to be safe than sorry.

To get a better idea of placement, I used craft paper to cut out the dimensions of each accessory I bought and laid it out on the wall, like so:

It's not final, but it gave me a good idea of where to put the bigger items.  The green tape underneath?  I have decided to build a console table from scratch (project #649??) - more on that shortly.

So....first FAIL.  For the calendar, I bought a peel and stick one that, although very pretty, started to peel off the wall after less than 24 hours.  BOO.  

So I went shopping. again. And I bought a pretty wall calendar instead:

And... while I was there, I couldn't resist but pick up a little gift for myself - how adorbs is this 17-month planner by Rifle Paper Co??  In this digital era, there's something nostalgic and old school about physically writing things down in an agenda, #amiright?  

So the last step in planning the command center was the console table.  In the last few weeks, I have been teaching myself to use Sketchup (bless you Lynda.com and YouTube).  This was the perfect practical example to put my newly acquired skills to good use.

After a few hours, countless curse words, and swings at the punching bag, I got a working design.  Have a look see:

The legs will be wood, the top will be in Carrara marble (I actually have an existing marble top from a previous project that I will recut to size for this table), and I will add some brass rods in front for visual interest.  I am also toying with the idea of doing an X with the brass rods across the legs instead - not sure yet.

While playing around with sketchup, I discovered some cool filters/effects that I can apply to my sketches - how awesome is this!?

Check in next week for progress on the command center build!  I have to take a little break from it because, well, I will spare you all the details, but I need to finish project #648 first.  Too many projects on the go, it makes my head spin!