Beam On

The beam we installed when opening up the family room to the kitchen has been the topic of debate and discussion over the last few years.  

I first planned to cover the beam in barnwood, but the longer the idea simmered, the less I thought it made sense in our home.  So the beam sat there, untouched and unfinished for years, literally.  Looking at it each day was a reminder that we had to eventually figure out a plan for it, but we kept putting it off in favor of more exciting projects.  The longer it stayed as-is, the more we got used to it and forgot it was there.  But then, every once in a while,  a friend or family member would ask what we were planning on doing with the beam, and we hemmed and hawed and feigned mild interest in "one day" covering it with something.

Then, one cold day in January, Adam said, F* it - i'm just gonna cover it in drywall and that'll be the end of that.  And I said, uhhhh ok.  Anything would look better than the status quo.

With the drywall installed, all that remained was to mud, sand and paint the beam.  Fast forward to today - a mere 7 months later (that's like 2 weeks in a childless home, right?), I finally decided to hunker down and finish up.

What you are witnessing here is history in the making, folks.  A true transformation like no other.

Step 1: Install metal corner beads, and then mud + tape inside corners.  Not so hard to do, just time consuming (when you're not a pro). 

Next up, 2-3 coats of mud (my job), sanding (adam), and painting (moi).