Labour of Love: Project X

I am thrilled to share a project with you that I will be working on over the coming months.

My clients - let's call them Clients X for storytelling purposes - have begun an incredible journey by undergoing a gargantuan renovation on a spectacular waterfront property.  I have been asked (I said yes!!)  to design a portion of the interior and collaborate with their architect over the coming months.

Clients X have been pouring over architectural plans for several months now, finalizing the details of the new extension, the drastic transformation of the existing home and the exterior. This project is quite special; it will be the marriage of 3 "blocks" if you will, each originating from another century.  You see, the home was originally built in the 1800s, then an extension was added by the previous owners in the 1900s and then today, a third extension will come to life. With all of this incredible history, it was important for the clients to retain the old foundation and structure while bringing the home to this century.  This home will form a bridge across time and space, mixing the old with the new and bringing the outside inside.

I am beyond excited to be collaborating on this labour of love.  Over the coming months, I will share the project's overall progress as well as my slice of the heavenly pie. 

Demolition of the house is already under way, so it's time to bring you up to speed.  I'll split the updates over 2-3 posts because, why not.

Let's start with the "Before" pics - Time warp in 3...2...1: