Project X: Demolition

Demolition of the existing property and excavation for the new extension was completed over a span of a few weeks.  It's been so exciting to follow the progress week after week.

As with most renovations, surprises always have a way of creeping up.  In the case of Project X, the first biggie came during demolition.  As I previously mentioned, the idea was to keep the old structure intact but gut it down to its bare bones.  As the construction company kept at the demo, they found that they were losing a lot of time putting up supporting structures in some areas in order to be able to take down others.  And, the state of the original home really was not up to par in terms of construction standards. At some points, they feared that parts of the house may come crumbling down. So, while they had previously stayed away from the idea of a full tear down (doing so would have required a minimum of 6 months wait time for city approval), the situation forced the construction company to rethink strategy and convinced the city to approve a full tear down in a matter of 24 hours. 

Progress pics for your viewing pleasure:

Week 1 (anyone wanna buy a vintage clawfoot tub??):

Week 2:


Week 3:

 Week 4 (this is when the full tear down happens!):