Office / Guest room Makeover: a new layout

Now that the room has been painted, it's time to show you what I plan to do with it.  As you may know, I've been teaching myself to use Sketchup to design room layouts and it has proved to be quite the useful tool.  

I've been working and re-working this plan over the last little while, fine-tuning it based on my storage needs.  I'm really excited to make this room come to life!

First up, a top view of the room which measures roughly 12.5' X 14'.  The large wall opposite the door will have a full length desk with ample storage above it.  Opposite the office will be a sofa bed that can sleep 2 whenever we have guests.  The one thing I will not get a chance to change is the parquet floor (sobs) - it's just not in the budget right now.  To minimize the burn (my eyes!!), I'll be covering the parquet with a cozy 8X10' rug. Flank the windows with curtains, Add some custom trim to the bifold closet doors, and we have ourselves a pretty swanky retreat!

As you can see below, the desk area is loaded with storage:

  • 2 IKEA 'Alex' drawer units acting as support at the middle of the desk.
  • 7 Besta storage units above the desk, one of which will be used to hide the printer
  • Open shelving for file folders and other supplies that need to be accessible.
  • A refurbished filing cabinet that my hubby found laying outside by the curb and quickly grabbed, to my squealing delight!

I left the space above the filing cabinet clear, in case I need to store tall items in a basket, e.g. wrapping paper.  

The desk and shelf will be made of furniture-grade plywood - really looking forward to seeing how that turns out.  Below the shelf, I will be adding a full length sheet of metal, to make an insanely large magnetic board for keeping inspiration photos, important memos, samples, etc.

The sofa bed will also be an IKEA purchase, and it'll be stuffed full of pretty pillows.  Above it, I'll add some artwork, and to the side, a small end table.

For the closets which I am currently using as my main clothing storage space (our bedroom is lacking in storage space), will stay as bifold doors (although i hate them and find them so impractical) but I will add some custom trim to dress them up.

And, last but not least, I'll be putting up a 9-light pendant at the center of the room that I made - it's gonna be a good one...get ready for it!

Up next, I'll show you how to add custom trim to existing doors!